Take Care. Give Care. The RK360™ App.

Use the free RK360 Cloud Health Record App to create a two-factor authenticated RK360™ Cloud Health Record for yourself.

For each family member whose healthcare you manage, use the RK360 App to create secure RK360 Cloud Health Records that they access on their mobile devices.

On an iPhone, import unalterable versions of your own and family members’ RK360 Cloud Records from Apple-connected patient health record portals such as the VA, LabCorp and Quest Diagnostics. And, use your App to stop imports from Apple Health.

At in-person visits, ask providers to point mobile device cameras at the QR code on your RK360 App for access to your (family members’) RK360 Cloud Record.

To find healthcare providers for telehealth or in-person visits with you (family members), search the RK360 App’s nationwide directory by location, specialty, organization, and offer of telehealth services.

Send selected providers pre-visit messages via secure fax or email including your (family members’) reason for contact, established or new patient status, ID and health insurance cards, and HIPAA consent.

Providers you select may reply to your (family members’) pre-visit messages via no-cost, secure text links: (a) Call 911 immediately; (b) Call my business phone to schedule a visit; (c) Follow these recommendations.

After in-person or telehealth visits with providers, send them post-visit messages, requesting upload of post-visit results such as care plans and x-rays to your (family members’) RK360 Cloud Record as per your HIPAA record access rights.

Grow your (family members’) RK360 Cloud Records each time providers upload results of telehealth and in-person visits.

Build trust with providers who know that files they, or others, uploaded to RK360 Cloud Records cannot be deleted or altered.

Worry less about unauthorized breaches, which the RedKangaroo Platform automatically detects, blocks and details in the audit log of your RK360 App.

Exercise the “right to be forgotten” per the California Consumer Privacy Act and the EU General Data Protection Act by tapping a Delete my Data button.

Connecting Patients to Providers through Personalized Health Information