Elaine A. Blechman, PhD - Profile Picture
Elaine A. Blechman, PhD Professor Emerita U. Colorado

Co-Founder and CEO

Joshua Friedman, BEE, DDS - Profile Picture
Joshua Friedman, BEE, DDS President, Addent Inc.

Co-Founder and Board Chair

Barry S. Baer, BA, MBA, CPA - Profile Picture
Barry S. Baer, MBA, CPA Colonel US Army (Retired)

Chief Financial Officer

Peter C. Raich, MD, FACP - Profile Picture
Peter C. Raich, MD, FACP Professor Emeritus U. Colorado

Chief Medical Officer

Chief Technology Officer
Ed Courchain

Chief Technology Officer

Connor Graham, MD, FACP, Director of Physician Services - Profile Picture
Connor Graham, MD, FACP

Director of Physician Services

Mark Birnbach, DMD, Director of Oral Health Services - Profile Picture
Mark Birnbach, DMD

Director of Oral Health Services

Sam Huston, Director of Marketing - Profile Picture
Sam Huston

Director of Marketing

Connecting Patients to Providers through Personalized Health Information