Just-in-Time Health Information

When meeting unfamiliar providers at point of care, patients use their RK360 Mobile Apps to give providers the information they request by means providers prefer including fax, email and encrypted web portal links.

Round-Trip Data Transactions

Once patients send contents of their RK360 Cloud Records to providers, the RK360 Platform asks those providers, on behalf of patients, for results of recent healthcare encounters such as care plans and x-rays.

The I Share Data with Patients Provider Directory

From their RK360 Mobile Apps, patients can geolocate nearby providers in the RK360 Provider Directory, which lists all U.S. healthcare providers in the National Provider Identifier (NPI) Registry.

Data ownership, control, security and Delete My Data

Patients, under the business rules for the RK360 Platform, own and, via their RK360 Mobile Apps, exclusively control user access to the contents of their RK360 Cloud Records.

Healthcare with and without RedKangaroo

Just In Time Healthcare Information: In 3 Minutes

User Stories

Becky, age 41

Coping with cancer

I am a single mother of three, in treatment for breast cancer, struggling to keep working as a nurse so I can support my family and maintain our health plan coverage. My goal is to automatically gather all my scattered health data from past, present and future dentists, physicians, hospitals, imaging centers, and …

Dr. Jane


As a dentist, my goal is for potential new patients to know from my RK360 Provider Directory Listing that after each visit I upload results such as treatment plans and x-rays (radiographs) to their RK360 Cloud Records, so they can easily share results with other dentists and avoid the cost and harm of …

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